Whether you like it or not, this IS OUR perceived reality. This is where we spend the most time (arguably), it's where we dream (but) always come back to, this is our homeostasis. This is our perceived reality and therefore by definition, this is our reality. The here and now.

However! If we were a simulation, which not only have I considered possible for many years, since James Gates discovered dual error correction code in string theory, why should it matter ? Sometimes I feel like I have sussed life as we know it, and Mario & Luigi are going to pull me out of this Matrix (our perceived reality) and congratulate me for thinking outside of the box of our confinement of reality.

Why should it matter ? If we are living in a simulation who is/are the creator/s ? Did evolution occur or is it just a preconceived notion, or even pre-programmed into our beliefs ? Or is it just our present day of thinking, as were many other thought trails in history such as the flat earth. Is time a perception if our creator is fast forwarding the computer simulation ? Is 1 million years to our known universe, 1 second to them ?

People think this really matters, but the truth is, tell me what is more fascinating; the fact that we are in a computer simulation ? Or the fact our biological makeup started from nothing / Adam & Eve / single cell organisms, whichever you believe, and evolved into sentient entities of awareness who ponder the metaphysical rationale of life, who procreate, who solve world issues and ultimately, who are intelligent enough to technologically, neurologically and most importantly; collectively evolve to the point where we can replicate our Gods work ? If you experience a high quality VR headset for 5 minutes, when you come back "in the (real) room" often the virtual reality is seemingly more real than our reality, so the question must be asked.

Or, is it both ? To me it seems perfectly feasible we are living and experiencing a simulation. My most rational conclusion is that science does exist as we know it. The majority of us believe in evolution, so if we did evolve from single cell organisms (such says the cross synapses of the brain, tail bone, fossils and far more) either a) that was the path that was intended for us in the simulation, or b) we evolved this way naturally in the simulation. If the answer is the later, then whoever created this simulation, surely at their level of comprehension, they would have created a simulation far more advanced than single cell organisms ? Even if they could fast forward time.

I like to think of the game Sims, and that we started off as single cell organisms in this, let's not call it a game, but an experiment. So we started off in this experiment as single cell organisms with a level of something equivalent to our perception of AI. Why would we not start off as comparably technologically and neurologically advanced as our creator ? The answer would be that our creator would want to potentially replicate their own evolution, if they were of the biological form (unless they were formless, to this end we would be nothing but a game), i.e. similar to us. So the creator would have planted the simulation with nothingness or anti-matter, then the universe and then us, starting as single cell organisms. We would then have evolved through the natural process to what we are now, this seems feasible to me. Who wouldn't want to witness that ? And of course, I am sure there would be differences, 5 billion years later (in our time, as the same time principles may not apply in other realities / dimensions), between us and another civilisation also 5 billion years old. Maybe our time is non-linear so not only can the time elapsed differ to experience how we react to world events as a collective, but also even events at the micro level if we are being tagged as individuals.

The alternative would be that we were given a level of AI and evolution did not occur. And that evolution is just the latest in our systematic belief patterns. And that everything has been pre-programmed; this I find harder to recognise because it would mean our entire experience would be floored, when we experience a birth, it would mean the entire process would not actually be taking place. We know we feel emotions and we know we procreate and we know and have proof we pass on epigenetics, hereditary traits and even gene mutation.

Most people enjoy both the simplicity and complexity of the 5 senses, but most of us feel somethings else exists. So if we are now and always have been experiencing a simulation, we can continue to enjoy this amazing reality bestowed upon us. We are not in Sims, we are in our reality, of hyper technological exponential growth. We have life hacks and reality hacks available to us. Maybe we have surpassed the vision and complexity that was required of us, conversely maybe we are 10 to the power one quintillion years off. There are 10 to the power 80 atoms in our universe, which spans 93 million light years across, so try and figure the number I just mentioned in a few words. Maybe we are still at the amoeba stage, but my overriding consciousness tells me that if you were to drop in to any point in our history, any enveloping 500 years prior or thereafter would not have seen much change, yet, now we see exponential hyper growth so surely we are beckoning ever closer to the singularity between biology and technology and this is now coalescing as intended. When quantum physics instigates fully the quantum computing revolution, we will surpass multiplied compound exponential growth. So if we are moving towards a precipice now, and this reality is inextricably linked to technology, then we should be profoundly reaching the level of the creator, whether accidental or not. So the question is can we leave ? Or do we already leave when we meditate, dream, take hallucinogens ? I don't think we have left, because if we did then our new (maybe still perceived) reality would become our place of time spent and seemingly most recoiled. Even though a dream can feel it lasts half a life time, it inevitably ends.

Bricks are still made from bricks. Trees still grow. Humans still procreate and live in this reality. it's all amazing, simulation or no simulation, it's all kind of a simulation anyway.

When I read that James Gates had discovered dual error correction code in string theory, it became clear simulation theory, may not be just a theory. Can we become cosmically conscious and leave this reality for a better or worse one ? We believe vibrations and in turn resonance occur at the molecular and consciousness level, so can these invisible streams of human positivity collide and coalesce to breed more positive outcomes ?

What seems most logical, is that if we are in a simulation, the big bang (or similar) would have had to have been part of it, I say big bang loosely, as I am referring to the universe and multiverse as a whole that makes up our perceived temporal space. Therefore a universe would have been created in this simulation and maybe we were a bi-product. If that were the case, we should continue as we are as it's neither here nor there if we are 100% biological, or if we 100% are perceived to be biological through our own perceived reality.

If we were simply put here with individual, seemingly selfish levels of AI and everything else is a simulation, I don't see the profundity of that experiment, in comparison to the ones above. All very dizzying, all very exciting. What if every living organism on this planet formulated one whole person, and each organism held a different trait that formed part of the personality of a single entity, aka our creator ? We were here as a collective, like the neurons in our brain for example, to disseminate, learn and improve this one single entity. And each multiverse was assigned to a single entity ? There are so many similarities to the celestial parts of the universe and us as humans. Or consider every multiverse funnelled into a single axon formulated within the creator ? Consider if every multiverse cross pollinated an intersection of the synapse of a brain to formulate decisions.

To finish, I don’t believe we have a biological brain outside of this perceived reality, what would be the point. Our reality is real to us, and that’s all that matters. If we have evolved from a simulation, it’s the same as evolving biologically outside of a simulation. The same question always prevails, who is the God-like creator in all of this and how do we gain access. Maybe it’s us.